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Ready to Wear Saree

With a selection of over 1000 easy to wear sarees  at affordable prices, each tailored to individual measurements, you're sure to find the perfect saree for any occasion.

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Get this beautiful ready to wear Kanjivaram saree in premium tissue silk fabric, for the upcoming festival season

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    Wear Saree Within a Minute: Watch Now

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    Our Story

    "Spreading the joy of wearing a saree"

    Back in December 2019, a good friend of ours approached us with a simple question: did we know where she could find a readymade saree? We embarked on a search, but to our surprise, there was a glaring absence of such sarees. What we did find were either traditional sarees bundled with readymade blouses or flashy, shimmery sarees that hardly resembled what we were looking for. It was a lightbulb moment for WiMO– Indian women are increasingly recognizing the convenience and style of ready-to-wear sarees for their busy lifestyles. Why not create a genuine product for them?

    WiMO Saree

    • Introduction to Ready-to-Wear Sarees: A readytowear saree is a stitched version of the regular saree. Regular sarees are long pieces of fabric typically around 6 yards or 5.5 meters in length. Draping them can be challenging for those who don't regularly wear sarees because of its complexity and length.
      How The Readytowear Saree Simplifies The Draping Process

    • How to Wear The Ready Saree: First, hold the saree and wrap it around your waist, then clasp the inner layers with the thread provided. Next, bring the pleated layer over and secure it at the hook that's most comfortable on your waist. Finally, drape the pleated pallu over your shoulder and pin it up to your blouse. Check out the detailed steps and video: 
      Step-by-step Guide to Wearing a Ready-to-Wear Saree

    • Make Your Saree Ready to Wear: You're getting your saree stitched but can't decide whether to opt for an attached petticoat or not. You are not sure whether to get both the pallu and pleats stitched. You are confused which blouse design goes with the  saree. For all these questions, we've got you covered!
      Tips and Suggestions on Choosing the Saree Style


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    Ready to Wear Saree With Stitched Blouse​

    These sarees have changed the traditional saree-wearing experience, gaining immense popularity among saree enthusiasts. However, the challenge often lies in finding the perfect blouse to complete the look. If you can't get a well stitched blouse with the saree, it's not particularly helpful, right? This is where the concept of ready to wear saree with stitched blouse comes into play.

    Opting For a Stitched Blouse

    One of the significant advantages of opting for a pre stitched saree with a stitched blouse is convenience. Picture buying a pretty pre draped saree online, only to learn you need to find someone to sew the blouse for you. It not only adds to the hassle but also increases the chances of the final look not meeting your expectations. A blouse is a crucial element, contributing to 50% of the saree's overall appearance. A stunning pre pleated silk saree paired with an ill-fitted or poorly stitched blouse can indeed spoil the entire look.

    Key Considerations for Blouse Stitching Online

    When choosing an online blouse stitching service, two essential factors come into play - measurements and blouse patterns.

    • Measurements: Accurate measurements are crucial for a well-fitted blouse. Before selecting a blouse stitching service online, ensure they provide clear instructions for taking measurements. The instructions should be comprehensive, guiding you through each measurement point, ensuring you provide accurate details.

    • Blouse Patterns: The blouse pattern can make or break your saree look. Depending on the occasion and saree type, you should opt for a suitable blouse pattern. For instance, for special occasions like a wedding, traditional blouse patterns like long sleeves with borders or puff sleeves would be ideal. For designer sarees, opt for contemporary styles such as sleeveless or deep neck blouses, sure to turn heads. These styles will give your pleated sarees a trendy touch.

    Understanding these requirements, we offer the option for a stitched blouse when you place an order for a ready to wear saree online. You get a dedicated link to select the blouse pattern and enter your blouse measurements online.

    Blouse Stitching - Ready to Wear Saree With Stitched Blouse

    FAQs About Ready to Wear Sarees

    How to maintain the saree? You can maintain it in the same manner as you would maintain a regular saree. The washing instructions for the ready to wear saree are the same as a regular saree. You can dry clean or iron it like any stitched garment, for example, lehenga or dress.

    Will I fit into the saree if I gain or lose weight? Yes, we provide enough margin on the waist. We give 5 hooks with the center hook at your exact waist measurement. For example, if your current waist is 36 inches, the center hook will be at 36 inches and you will get 2 hooks below and 2 hooks above. So, the saree can be worn for waist ranging from 34 inches to 38 inches. This is to enable you to wear the saree even if you lose or gain a couple of inches.

    What measurements do I need to give for the saree stitching? There are 2 measurements required: Waist, at the point where you wear the saree and Overall Height, from head to toe. We determine the saree height based on your overall height so you just need to give your full height. The third thing we need to know is whether you wear heels. We add 1.5 inches to the saree height as heels provision. Note: Please provide your exact waist size, don't add or subtract any inches. We anyway provide a margin of 5 hooks with the center hook at the exact waist measurement.

    How will the saree work for both with heels and without heels? The saree is similar to a skirt or lehenga so you can adjust it up or down on your waist easily. We give 1.5 inches extra height if you wear heels. You can easily adjust the height by moving the saree a little up when you are walking without your heels. When placing the order, answer "Yes" to the question whether you wear heels, if you do wear heels sometimes.

    Does the saree come with hooks or a drawstring ? The saree comes with a naada or drawstring to clasp the inner layers and includes a hook with 5 bars to clasp the pleats layer on the waist.

    Can I wear the saree over a shapewear or own petticoat ? Yes, you can. If you opt for an attached petticoat, we attach the petticoat to the saree itself when stitching the saree. We use a soft crepe fabric for the petticoat so that it doesn't shrink and gives a slim and compact look. With this option, you won't need a separate petticoat, you can directly wear the saree. If you don't opt for an attached petticoat, we stitch the saree without it. You can wear it over shapewear, leggings, or any petticoat. Otherwise, the appearance of the saree is the same with or without an attached petticoat.

    Does the saree also come with a readymade blouse? Yes, we also stitch the blouse that comes along with the ready to wear saree if you opt for it. We have an online template where you can provide your blouse measurement. Here's the link: And we offer a catalog of blouse patterns you can choose from. Once you provide the measurements and select the pattern code, we stitch the blouse and send along with the saree. When you place a saree order on our website, you can select whether you want the blouse stitched.

    How to fold a ready to wear saree? This videos show how to fold the WiMO: To see all videos, check this page:

    Saree Delivery

    How many days do you take to deliver the saree? We take about 10 days to dispatch any saree purchased from our online saree collection. If you're converting your own saree to a ready to wear saree, we take 5 days to dispatch after we receive the saree from you.

    Why do you take 10 days to deliver a saree? We take time to complete an order because we make each saree as per individual waist and height. We don't stock pre set sizes such as S, M or XL because the saree is customized to each person. So, after an order is placed, we stitch the saree as per the measurements provided, and then dispatch the saree. Therefore, we require 10 days for the entire process. If you're converting your own saree to ready to wear, we take 5 days to stitch and dispatch the saree.

    Do you deliver anywhere in India? Yes, we deliver all over India and Abroad. We don't charge any shipping fee for delivery in India. Shipping fee is applicable to international orders.

    Do you take saree stitching orders from anywhere in India? Yes, we take saree stitching orders from all over India. You will need to send your sarees to our mentioned address in Bangalore. If you are outside Bangalore, you can avail the speed post option (from India Postal Services) if you're looking for the most cost-effective option. Alternatively, you can use any of the courier services to send your sarees to us. After we receive the saree, we stitch and send back the sarees to your mentioned address at no additional shipping cost.