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About Us

Spreading the Joy of Wearing a Saree

We came together to create a unique and beautiful product, the WiMO ready-to-wear saree. The saree is a quintessential part of every woman’s wardrobe. The ready-to-wear saree aims to keep this garment alive across generations by simplifying the saree wearing process. The ready to wear saree is there for every woman, be it a young woman wearing a saree for the first time or a working woman wearing a saree to work in the busy morning hours or a housewife, a new bride, or a new mother wanting to quickly drape a saree and be present in time for a function or a festival at home. 

Our Story

So here's how the ready to wear saree journey began in December 2019. Our very close friend came to us asking if we know of anyone who stitches readymade sarees or sells them as she found saree-wearing a challenge. We started searching together and were surprised to see there were no genuine readymade sarees either online or in any of the saree shops in Bangalore. Online, when we searched for readymade or ready to wear sarees, we found regular sarees with readymade blouse or shiny, shimmery sarees stitched very differently, sold in the name of readymade sarees. That's when the idea of a genuine ready to wear saree was born. We still remember our first product that was created in our home in our own sewing machine, with akward pleats and stitches everywhere and an elastic to hold it all together. It amazes me to see how far we have come from then. Our ready to wear saree went through probably hundreds of revisions to get to the first perfect version that we launched in Jan 2021.

Meet The Team

We take pride in our woman-only team, for each one has a brave story to tell. Aashika manages our Amazon orders, efficiently juggling home and work. Madhu, ever smiling, is our go to person for everything and everyone. Sarita, epitome of hard work, is the one behind the neatly ironed ready to wear sarees. Pushpalatha, a fighter all the way, is the liaison person for all our tailors. Dhanu, the youngest team member, works as our accounting support while pursuing her BCom degree

Our Tailors

Not to forget our heroes behind the scene, our team of lady tailors and their supporting husbands. No surprise, our tailoring leads are all women who work out of their homes and tailor the ready to wear sarees for us. These women not only earned employment for themselves , they trained their husbands too, who apart from helping them in tailoring also help them in pick up and delivery of sarees and procuring raw materials needed for stitching the sarees. They now earn enough to able to solely support their family, educate their children, and lead a good quality life. Being able to support all these women and help them stand on their own is our biggest reason for happiness and satisfaction.

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