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Avail our saree stitching service and get your saree stitching into a readymade saree
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Ready to Wear Sarees

  • Introduction to Ready-to-Wear Sarees: A readytowear saree is a stitched version of the regular saree. Regular sarees are long pieces of fabric typically around 6 yards or 5.5 meters in length. Draping them can be challenging for those who don't regularly wear sarees because of its complexity and length.

How The Ready to Wear Saree Simplifies The Draping Process

  • How to Wear The Ready Saree: First, hold the saree and wrap it around your waist, then clasp the inner layers with the thread provided. Next, bring the pleated layer over and secure it at the hook that's most comfortable on your waist. Finally, drape the pleated pallu over your shoulder and pin it up to your blouse. Check out the detailed steps and video:

Step-by-step Guide to Wearing a Ready-to-Wear Saree

Ready to Wear Saree With Stitched Blouse: The Complete Guide

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  • Kerala Sarees: These are perfect sarees for celebrating Onam and other traditional occasions celebrated in the state. They beautifully showcase Kerala's cultural heritage with their classic white and gold border design. Modern newer pre draped sarees elegantly blend the cultural essence with contemporary twists. 

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  • Ready Sarees in Cotton: Ready pleated cotton sarees are a boon specifically for working women. Opting for a ready to wear saree with stitched blouse further enhances the convenience. A cotton saree is not an easy one to drape so many stay away from it. Stitched cotton sarees eliminate this difficulty and serve as a perfect choice. WiMO offers wide ranging sarees in these fabrics.

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  • Readytowear Saree Style: You can't decide whether to opt for an attached petticoat or not. You are not sure whether to get both the pallu and pleats stitched. You are confused which blouse design goes with the stitched saree. For all these questions, we've got you covered!

Tips and Suggestions on Choosing the Ready to Wear Saree Style

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Ready Sarees By Color

Black Sarees
  • Elegant and timeless, black sarees are perfect for formal occasions and evening events.

  • They give a sophisticated look and can be paired with statement jewelry for a striking look.

  • Materials like silk, chiffon, or georgette elevate the slimming and glamour of the black color.

  • Embellishments like sequins, beads, or embroidery can add grandness to the saree.

  • Black sarees never go out of style and can create both traditional and contemporary looks.

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Red Sarees
  • Symbolizing love, passion, and celebration, red sarees are popular for weddings and festive occasions.

  • They come in shades ranging from deep maroon to vibrant crimson red, catering to different preferences.

  • Fabrics like silk, satin, or velvet enhance the richness of the red color.

  • Gold or silver zari, thread embroidery, or stone embellishments are common features in red sarees.

  • Red sarees make a bold statement and are often paired with traditional gold jewelry for a classic ensemble.

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Yellow Sarees
  • Radiant and cheerful, yellow sarees are ideal for daytime events and summer festivities.

  • They symbolize happiness, optimism, and new beginnings, making them popular for rituals like haldi ceremonies.

  • Fabrics like chiffon, georgette, or cotton are light and breathable, perfect for warm weather.

  • Floral prints, intricate borders, or subtle embellishments accentuate the vibrancy of yellow sarees.

  • Yellow sarees can be accessorized with minimalistic jewelry and fresh floral accents for a refreshing look.

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Pink Sarees
  • Feminine and romantic, pink sarees offer a soft and delicate look suitable for various occasions.

  • They come in shades ranging from pastel to bold fuchsia, catering to different tastes.

  • Fabrics like chiffon, silk, or organza enhance the angelic charm of pink sarees.

  • Intricate embroidery, delicate lacework, or pearl embellishments add grace and elegance to the saree.

  • Pink sarees can be styled with subtle makeup and pearl jewelry for a sophisticated yet dreamy ensemble.

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Green Sarees
  • Vibrant and lively, green sarees radiate freshness and vitality, suitable for a variety of occasions.

  • They symbolize harmony and nature, making them a popular choice for outdoor events.

  • Fabrics like chiffon, georgette, or silk lend a lightness and grace to green sarees.

  • Intricate floral patterns, leaf motifs, or nature-inspired designs elevate the beauty of green sarees.

  • Green sarees can be accessorized with earthy tones for a harmonious look.

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White and Off White Sarees
  • Associated with purity, simplicity, and grace, White sarees are a timeless choice for various occasions.

  • They come in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk, and linen.

  • These sarees can feature minimalist designs with subtle borders or intricate embellishments like embroidery, sequins, beads, zari work.

  • White sarees are suitable for weddings, religious ceremonies, formal events, and everyday wear.

  • They are particularly favored for daytime and summer occasions due to their refreshing appearance.

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Pre Stitched Saree

  • Make Your Saree Ready to Wear: You can convert your own saree into a pre pleated saree online. This saree comes with ready pleats on the waist and an attached petticoat. It includes shoulder pleats for those who want it.  You can wear the readymade stitched saree easily in less than a minute. Make your saree ready to wear online and start wearing all your favorite sarees again. 

Ready to Wear Saree Stitching Service

  • Stitched Saree of Any Fabric: You can get any type of saree stitched into a ready to wear saree online. Be it a soft silk saree or a crisp cotton or a difficult organza saree. Kanchipuram pattu sarees, thick Banarasi sarees and heavily embellished sarees are the most difficult ones to drape and handle. You can make these sarees to ready made stitched sarees.

  • Pre Pleated Saree and Semi Stitched Saree: These are just different names for the pre stitched saree and all mean the same thing. As this service is new, we get it you may have several questions. We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions about the stitched saree, along with their corresponding answers. This will help provide clarity and assist you in making decisions:

Can I convert any saree into a ready to wear saree? Absolutely, we can transform any of your sarees into a ready-to-wear saree. Whether it's Silk, Cotton, Georgette, Chiffon, Organza, Net, Silk Cotton, or intricately embellished pattu sarees with stone, pearl, and other exquisite work, we've got you covered.

Will I fit into the pre stitched saree if I gain or lose weight? In the ready to wear saree, we provide enough margin on the waist. We give 5 hooks with the center hook at your exact waist measurement. For example, if your current waist is 36 inches, the center hook will be at 36 inches and you will get 2 hooks below and 2 hooks above. So, the saree can be worn for waist ranging from 34 inches to 38 inches. This is to enable you to wear the ready to wear saree even if you lose or gain a couple of inches.

What measurements do I need to give for stitching the saree? There are 2 measurements required: Waist, at the point where you wear the saree and Overall Height, from head to toe. We determine the saree height based on your overall height so you don't need to measure the saree height, you just need to give your full height. The third thing we need to know is whether you wear heels. If you wear heels, we add 1.5 inches extra provision in the saree height. Note: Please provide your exact waist size, don't add or subtract any inches. We anyway provide a margin of 5 hooks with the center hook at the exact waist measurement.

How will the stitched saree work for both with heels and without heels? The ready to wear saree is similar to a skirt or lehenga so you can adjust it up or down on your waist easily. We give 1.5 inches extra height if you wear heels. You can easily adjust the height by moving the saree a little up when you are walking without your heels. When placing the order, answer "Yes" to the question whether you wear heels, if you do wear heels sometimes.

Do you take ready to wear saree stitching orders from anywhere in India? Yes, we get sarees to be converted to ready-to-wear from locations all over India. Our conversion service is available all over India. You will need to send your sarees to our mentioned address in Bangalore. If you are outside Bangalore, you can avail the speed post option (from India Postal Services) if you're looking for the most cost-effective option. Alternatively, you can use any of the courier services to send your sarees to us. After we receive the saree, we stitch and send back the sarees to your mentioned address in 5 days at no additional shipping cost.