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It's ok to not know how to drape a saree

Every day, I encounter women and girls eager to purchase ready-to-wear sarees or convert existing ones—sometimes their own, sometimes heirlooms from their mothers—into ready-to-wear styles. Many express embarrassment over not knowing how to drape a saree, but I encourage them to see it differently. Instead of feeling ashamed, they should take pride in their effort to wear this timeless garment. After all, it's all too easy to leave these beautiful sarees languishing in the wardrobe, from grand wedding pieces and exclusive designer creations to treasured heirlooms and diverse gift sarees.

The art of draping a saree has evolved significantly over the years. While I remember my mother and grandmother effortlessly donning sarees daily, the complexity and variety of modern saree styles make it less familiar to today's generation. From being a staple in our mothers' and grandmothers' wardrobes, sarees have evolved to serve multiple purposes—from wedding attire and office wear to party ensembles, formal outfits, and even casual looks.

Understanding this shift in familiarity and comfort, we've crafted a solution tailored for today's women: the WiMO Ready to Wear Saree. Curious to see it in action? Check out our video showcasing the ease and elegance of the WiMO ready-to-wear saree.

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