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It's ok to not know how to drape a saree

Updated: May 21, 2022

Every day, I have women/girls asking me about buying ready to wear sarees or converting sarees (sometimes their own, sometimes their mother's) to ready to wear. Some tell me its embarrassing they can't drape a saree. I tell them they should feel proud instead for taking the effort to wear the saree. It's easy to just let the sarees waste in the wardrobe. And we are talking of grand wedding sarees, exclusive designer sarees, priceless/ antique mother's sarees, gorgeous gift sarees, and sarees of all kinds. Its natural to not know how to drape a saree because the saree as a garment has also evolved over the years. I have not seen my mother and grand mother in any attire other than a saree, and this would be true for many women of my age. The saree has come a long way from their time to today when sarees are made and worn for different purposes such as wedding wear, office wear, party wear, formal wear, casual wear, and much more. So, its natural that the current generations are not comfortable draping a saree as their mothers or grand mothers were. And that's why alternatives like the WiMO ready to wear saree are born. Here's a video showing our customer's views on the WiMO ready to wear saree:

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