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Tips: How to wear the WiMO ready to wear saree

WiMO ready to wear sarees are available both with loose pallu and pleated pallu as the customer prefers. Our ready to wear saree has everything stitched and ready so you don't have to do anything more but just wear the saree like a readymade garment. You just bring the saree around your waist and fix the hook, and then drape the pallu on the shoulder. Here, we bring you some tips to add more beauty to our ready to wear saree.

Enjoy these tips to further beautify the WiMO ready to wear saree.

Tip #1 - Tuck the extra pallu to get a beautiful slant at the waist

Depending on the body shape, you may have some extra pallu at your waist after you drape it on your shoulder. You may see this more in the case of a pleated pallu. You can tuck the extra part under your last pleat with a pin, this will give a beautiful slant to the saree on the waist.

Tip #2 - Move pleats to the centre after fixing the correct hook

We give multiple hooks at the waist to accommodate any increase or decrease in waist size. Always, fix the saree at the correct and comfortable hook, and the bring the pleats to the centre of you waist. Don't try to reach the last hook forcefully, always wear at the comfortable hook.

Tip #5 - Reach out to us anytime, anywhere

We believe in customers for life. Once you buy a ready to wear saree from us, we will service you anytime and anywhere, for life. So, any doubt or questions about our ready to wear saree, just drop us a message on WhatsApp 9353747591, we will get back to you at the earliest possible time.

Ready to become our customer for life? Buy WiMO Ready to Wear Saree now!

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