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Portrait of Asian young beautiful woman wearing traditional indian dress on desert and blu

WiMO Ready to Wear Saree

Wear in a moment! Truly customized ready to wear saree, our WiMO saree works for every size and shape. That's why a WiMO customer is always a happy customer.

What We Offer

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We found that the saree is liked by all women but worn by a few  because it's so difficult to drape a saree. We then hit upon the idea of a stitched saree. After several trials and iterations was born the WiMO Ready to Wear Saree. We have a wide collection of ready to wear sarees you can browse and buy online .

Convert Your Own Saree

Women love their wedding sarees, heavy pattu sarees, elaborate work sarees, all of which are so beautiful but so difficult to drape. We are here to help. We can covert your existing sarees to ready to wear sarees. We can covert sarees in any fabric and design, to a ready to wear saree.

Stitch Blouse

To give you a full ready to wear package, we stitch the blouse also along with the ready to wear saree. We provide the option to enter blouse measurements online, and also provide blouse patterns to choose from.

Pre Stitched Sarees in Sonitpur

Ready to Wear Sarees in Sonitpur

The saree, as such, is an expression of the Indian culture and different types of sarees can be found in different locations in India. Keeping up with this standard, we source sarees from diverse locations all over India and make ready to wear sarees out of them. Whether you want a ready to wear saree sourced from a particular location or want to wear a ready to wear saree in a specific location, we are there to service you. Also, we make ready to wear sarees that are modeled and styled variedly depending on the location, for example, ready to wear Coorgi saree, ready to wear Gujarathi saree, ready to wear Kerala mundu.

The state of Assam is known for a wide variety of silk and cotton sarees. The Muga silk saree, which is a golden silk is exclusively available in this state. Assam silk sarees are very popular for the silk handloom and weaving expertise. Apart from silk, cotton sarees of Assam are well known for their blend of style and comfort.  And we feel proud to be able to make ready to wear sarees in all these varities. The muga silk ready to wear saree is popular for the yellow gold colour; Muga means yellowish. The most popular sarees for us have been the Tripura silk ready to wear sarees. These sarees come in vibrant colours with sprays of flowers and elephant designs interspersed with leaves and sprigs. When we talk of Assam, how can we forget the traditional attire Mekhela Chadar (referred in different ways, Makehla Chador, Mekhala Chador, Mekhala Chadar). We have made ready to wear Mekhela Chadar for our customers enabling them to wear it in less than a minute. They say our ready to wear Mekhela Chadar is so easy to wear, feels so comfortable, and looks so elegantly draped. The ready to wear Mekhala Chadar has two parts. The top part is readily pleated and you just have to tuck it into the bottom part. The bottom part of the Mekhala Chadar is also pleated in the center and comes with a hook so it can be worn simply like a skirt.​​


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