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About the ready to wear saree

Updated: Mar 19

The ready to wear saree known by so many names: readymade saree, one minute saree, pre draped saree, wear in a moment saree, pre stitched saree, is here to stay. It is the new future of the saree, the most beautiful Indian garment in existence since 5000 or more years. I call this the new future because this is how the current and future generations will wear the saree and thereby keep this Indian garment alive forever. The ready to wear saree doesn't eliminate the traditional saree in any way, it in fact keeps the tradition going. The pleats, which are the most important part of a saree are pre stitched in a ready to wear saree. The pleats are in two places in a saree: on the waist and on the shoulder (called the pallu). The ready to wear comes with the waist pleats pre stitched. The pallu pleats are either stitched or kept free as the wearer prefers. Most of the ready to wear sarees in the market don't customize as per the wearer's measurement and hence end up fitting badly. Our brand, WiMO ready to wear saree proudly claims it's a truly customized ready to saree because our saree is stitched as per the waist, hip, and height of a person. Because we believe one size doesnt fit all. Check out a quick demo of the saree:

And here's a quick glance of some ready to wear sarees from our collection:

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