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Saree Ready Made - Saree Stitching

Avail our stitching service and get your saree converted into a Prestitched Saree. We stitch the saree with ready pleats on the waist and shoulders, so you don't have to worry about draping. We stitch as per your waist and height so it fits perfectly and comfortably. We deliver the Stitched Saree at your doorstep. It's perfect for anyone who wants to wear a saree without the fuss.     

Saree Pick Up and Delivery

We can pick up the sarees for stitching from your mentioned address, anywhere in India, and deliver back to the same address after stitching. The delivery person will themselves pack the sarees in their courier bag. To avail the pick up service, please add both the Saree Stitching and Saree Pick Up and Delivery products to the same order. Get a Saree Ready Made from the comfort of your home!

Pre Stitched Saree

You can convert your own saree into a pre pleated saree online. This saree comes with ready pleats on the waist and an attached petticoat. It includes shoulder pleats for those who want it.  You can wear the readymade stitched saree easily in less than a minute.

You can get any type of saree stitched into a ready to wear saree online. Be it a soft silk saree or a crisp cotton or a difficult organza saree. Kanchipuram pattu sarees, thick Banarasi sarees and heavily embellished sarees are the most difficult ones to drape and handle. You can make these sarees to ready made stitched sarees.

This saree goes by many names such as Pre Pleated Saree, Stitched Saree, Semi Stitched Saree, and more. Here's a list of commonly asked questions about our stitched saree.


Can I get any Saree Stitched to a Ready Made Saree? Yes, we stitch all fabric sarees into the Ready to Wear format including heavy kanjeevaram pattu sarees, elaborate work sarees, cotton, net, or organza sarees. Here's a testimonial of a wearer of WiMO Saree Ready Made:

Do I need to pack the saree for the Saree Pick Up and Delivery service? No, our delivery person will bring the courier bag and pack the sarees themselves securely.

Will you pick up sarees from any location? Yes, our saree pick up and delivery service is available for all locations in India. If a specific pin code is not serviceable due to being very remote, you can check with us and we will confirm.

Is the Pick Up service available for maximum 3 sarees only? Yes, the online pick up service is available for maximum 3 sarees only. If you have more than 3 sarees to be picked up, please call or WhatsApp on +91 9353747591 and we will help you.

Is there a charge for delivering back the Stitched Sarees? No, we offer free return shipping whether you send the sarees yourself or opt for our Pick Up service.

Will I fit into the Pre Stitched Saree if I gain or lose weight? In the ready to wear saree, we provide 5 hooks on the waist so if your current waist is 36 inches, the center hook will be at 36 inches and you will get 2 hooks below and 2 hooks above. So, the saree can be worn for waist ranging from 34 inches to 38 inches. This is to enable you to wear the ready to wear saree even if you lose or gain a couple of inches. Check this video to understand better:

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