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Tips for Choosing the Correct Ready to Wear Saree Style

Updated: 5 days ago

Here are different tips and suggestions for choosing the correct ready to wear saree type:

When deciding whether to opt for a ready to wear saree #readytowearsaree #oneminutesaree #readymadesaree #prestitchedsaree #predrapedsaree #stitchedsaree with or without an attached petticoat, here's a breakdown to guide your selection:

  • It's essential to consider the fabric type.

    • Lightweight and Transparent Fabrics (e.g., Georgette, Chiffon) #georgettesaree #chiffonsaree: Choose a saree with an attached petticoat to provide structure and ensure proper draping #sareedraping #drapesaree. This also helps address transparency issues #transparentsaree commonly associated with these fabrics.

    • Thicker and Heavier Fabrics (e.g., Kanjivaram, Banarasi Silk): Opt for a ready to wear saree without an attached petticoat to prevent unnecessary bulk. The additional petticoat may hinder the saree's natural flow and appearance.

    • Fully Transparent Fabrics (e.g., Net, Organza) #netsaree #organzasaree: It's crucial to select a saree with a mandatory attached petticoat. These sarees heavily rely on the attached petticoat to maintain their aesthetic, as an unmatched petticoat would compromise their transparency.

  • Consideration of your existing petticoat #sareepetticoat or shapewear #shapewear #sareeshapewear is also significant:

    • If you already own matching petticoats or shapewear and the saree isn't transparent, opting for a ready to wear saree without an attached petticoat is suitable. These sarees can be worn directly over tights or leggings too, providing convenience and ease of wear.

    • If you lack matching petticoats or shapewear, choosing a ready to wear saree with an attached petticoat is advantageous both in terms of convenience and cost-effectiveness. This option is particularly beneficial for lightweight and transparent sarees, ensuring proper draping and avoiding additional expenses on separate petticoats or shapewear.

When deciding the pallu style, #sareepallu whether to opt for a ready to wear saree with a loose pallu or a pleated pallu, here's a breakdown to guide your selection:

  • A loose pallu offers flexibility for various occasions, allowing you to style it as desired.

  • Fabrics also influence this decision; heavy sarees like Kanjivaram pattus #pattusarees suit a pleated pallu, while modern fabrics like Georgette and Chiffon look better with a loose pallu.

  • For sarees like Organza #organzasaree and net #netsaree , a loose pallu is preferred, although ensuring a complementary blouse #sareeblouse #blousedesigns #readytowearsareeblouse #readymadeblouse is essential due to their transparency.

  • For a formal appearance, a pleated pallu provides a neater, compact look, ideal for formal settings. A loose pallu may appear messy and could be impractical, especially in professional environments.

Here are some videos demonstrating different types of WiMO ready to wear sarees #wimo, which can further aid in understanding the differences and making an informed choice.

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