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What's a ready to wear saree?

Updated: 4 days ago

A ready to wear saree refers to a pre stitched saree or a pre pleated version of the regular saree. Regular sarees are long pieces of fabric typically around 6 yards or 5.5 meters in length. Over the years, the traditional method to drape saree has involved manually wrapping and pleating the fabric around the waist before elegantly draping it over the shoulder, either loosely or with additional pleating. This process can be challenging for those who don't regularly wear sarees due to its complexity and length:

Steps to Wear a Regular Saree
Steps to Wear a Regular Saree

A ready saree is designed to simplify the saree draping process. Despite the various names it goes by, these terms might suggest they are distinct, but they essentially describe the same garment. Here are some of the alternate names used for a ready saree: ready to wear saree, pre stitched saree, readymade saree, pre draped saree, stitched saree, one minute saree, among others. The ready saree features pre stitched pleats at the waist, tailored to fit individual waist and hip measurements. This ensures that the pleats align perfectly at the center of the waist after wrapping the saree around once, starting from its end. Additionally, it may come with an attached petticoat (underskirt) and a pre stitched pallu (the section draped over the shoulder), depending on the design. This makes it easier and quicker to wear compared to a traditional saree:

Steps to Wear a Ready Saree
Steps to Wear a Ready Saree

Ready sarees are particularly popular among those who may not be familiar with draping a saree or for occasions where time is limited. They offer the elegance and beauty of a traditional saree with added convenience. Check out a video of the WiMO ready to wear saree:


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