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Why Readymade Sarees Are a Game-Changer for Modern Women?

A readymade saree refers to a pre stitched saree or a pre pleated version of the regular saree. Regular sarees are long pieces of fabric typically around 6 yards or 5.5 meters in length.

Readymade Saree Versus Regular Saree

The traditional method to drape saree involves manually wrapping and pleating the fabric around the waist. You then drape it over the shoulder, either loosely or with pleating. This process can be challenging for those who don't regularly wear sarees because of its complexity and length:

Steps to Wear a Regular Saree
Steps to Wear a Regular Saree

A readymade saree simplifies the saree draping process. The saree features ready pleats at the waist, tailored to fit individual waist and hip measurements. This ensures that the pleats align perfectly at the center of the waist after wrapping the saree around once, starting from its end. Optionally, it comes with an attached petticoat and a pleated pallu, depending on the options chosen. This makes it easier and quicker to wear compared to a traditional saree:

Steps to Wear a Ready Saree
Steps to Wear a Ready Saree

A readymade saree is also referred to as a ready to wear saree and many other names such as: one minute saree, pre stitched saree, ready saree, pre draped saree, pre pleated saree, wrap on saree, ready pleated saree, among others. Despite the various names, these terms mean the same garment. At WiMO, we provide the service of converting your own saree into a readymade saree:

ALso, here's a demo of how you can easily wear the ready to wear saree from WiMO:

Saree Solution For the Modern Woman

The ready made saree is perfect for modern women who desire elegance without the draping hassle. These pre stitched sarees are suitable for every occasion and preference. Whether you're a working woman or a homemaker hunting for the ideal sarees, the ready-made pleated saree is ideal. They offer comfort and elegance for all occasions, making you look and feel your best.


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