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Understanding the Distinction: Iyer vs. Iyengar Madisar Attire

Iyers and Iyengars wear Madisars differently. Iyers drape the pallu (the layer of sari which comes over one's shoulder) over the right shoulder while Iyengars wear it over the left shoulder. Another difference is that the iyer madisar has an additional kosuvam at the back, tucked in at the back hip.

Iyengar and Iyer Madisar Difference
Iyengar and Iyer Madisar Difference

Wearing a Madisar saree can be challenging due to its unique draping style, length of the saree, precision required, limited mobility, and cultural significance, especially for those who are not familiar with the traditional method. Ready-to-wear madisar sarees offer a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional madisar sarees, catering to the needs and preferences of a diverse range of wearers while preserving the cultural heritage and significance of this traditional South Indian attire. Here's a video of the WiMO ready to wear madisar: 


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