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How Ready-made Sarees Can Simplify Wearing Tricky Fabrics like Organza

Organza sarees have emerged as the latest fashion sensation, capturing the hearts of women across generations. Adorned with enchanting pastel hues, intricate floral prints, and captivating embroidery and embellishments, these sarees are a visual delight that appeals to everyone. The sheer quality of the fabric, especially popular among younger women, adds to its allure.

However, draping an organza saree presents a unique challenge due to its fluffy and less flexible nature. Despite its beauty, mastering the art of draping this fabric can be daunting.

The readymade saree format makes it easy to wear this difficult saree. So, for all those women who love the Organza saree but can't wear it, here's a solution.

In the WiMO readymade saree, we make uniform pleats based on measurement, hold them together with pins and stitch them carefully so they fall beautifully. We attach a petticoat of the exact colour so the transparency issue is addressed. Once we are done stitching the saree, the difficult and non amenable fabric converts into a beautiful, wearable saree, as you can see in the video:


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