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Why Should You Consider a Ready to Wear Saree With Stitched Blouse for Your Next?

Ready-to-wear sarees have changed the traditional saree-wearing experience, gaining immense popularity among saree enthusiasts. However, the challenge often lies in finding the perfect blouse to complete the look.

Our one minute saree usually comes with a blouse piece. But if you can't stitch the blouse with the saree, it's not particularly helpful, right? This is where the concept of ready to wear saree with stitched blouse comes into play.

Opting For a Stitched Blouse

One of the significant advantages of opting for a pre stitched saree with a stitched blouse is convenience. Picture buying a pretty pre draped saree online, only to learn you need to find someone to sew the blouse for you. It not only adds to the hassle but also increases the chances of the final look not meeting your expectations.

A blouse is a crucial element, contributing to 50% of the saree's overall appearance. A stunning pre pleated silk saree paired with an ill-fitted or poorly stitched blouse can indeed spoil the entire look.

Key Considerations for Blouse Stitching Online

When choosing an online blouse stitching service, two essential factors come into play - measurements and blouse patterns.

1. Measurements: Accurate measurements are crucial for a well-fitted blouse. Before selecting a blouse stitching service online, ensure they provide clear instructions for taking measurements. The instructions should be comprehensive, guiding you through each measurement point, ensuring you provide accurate details.

2. Blouse Patterns: The blouse pattern can make or break your saree look. Depending on the occasion and saree type, you should opt for a suitable blouse pattern.

For instance, for special occasions like a wedding, traditional blouse patterns like long sleeves with borders or puff sleeves would be ideal. For designer sarees, opt for contemporary styles such as sleeveless or deep neck blouses, sure to turn heads. These styles will give your pleated sarees a trendy touch.

WiMO Ready to Wear Saree With Stitched Blouse

At WiMO, we understand the importance of a perfect blouse to complement your one minute ready to wear saree. Our ready-to-drape saree with stitched blouse takes care of all your concerns, offering a complete package for an effortless saree look.

Here's how it works:

When you purchase a ready to wear saree online at WiMO, you have the option to select the blouse stitching service. You get the stitched blouse along with the readymade stitched saree.

Ready to Wear Saree With Stitched Blouse Option
Ready to Wear Saree With Stitched Blouse Option

Measurement Guidance: On the order page, you'll find a dedicated link guiding you to the blouse measurements page. We provide clear instructions accompanied by visual diagrams, making it easy for you to take accurate measurements.

Ready to Wear Saree Blouse Measurements
Ready to Wear Saree Blouse Measurements

Blouse Pattern Selection: We offer wide ranging blouse designs to suit different occasions and saree types. You can look at our collection on our website. Choose a blouse pattern that you like. Remember to mention the pattern code when you give your measurements.

Ready to Wear Saree Blouse Patterns
Ready to Wear Saree Blouse Patterns

Once you've provided all the details, you can relax knowing that your readymade saree order is in expert hands. We handle everything for you, so you get a full saree package without having to search for extra accessories.

In short, choosing a pre stitched ready-to-wear saree with a pre-stitched blouse offers unmatched convenience. It ensures a perfect look for any event. You don't have to worry about matching the blouse with the saree. It saves you time and effort.

With WiMO's comprehensive solution, you can embrace the elegance of sarees without any hassle. Shop now and experience the joy of effortless saree styling!

Note: If you're unsure how to place an order for a WiMO pre stitched saree online with stitched blouse, you can start from here:


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